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TS-Aligner Jr. Lite represents TS-Aligner accuracy at a breakthrough price for the budget minded home shop woodworker.

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TS-Aligner Jr.

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Breakthrough Price

Does it get any lower than this? You won't find a better deal in a precision alginment tool for woodworking machines. No other product gives you so many features, including accurate angle measurement.

The "Safe Buy"

Maybe you don't need all the functions of a complete TS-Aligner Jr. Deluxe right now and you don't want to pay for them. But what happens when you get a new machine? Don't worry, TS-Aligner Jr. Lite is easily upgraded to a fully functional TS-Aligner Jr. With TS-Aligner Jr. Lite, you only pay for what you need right now and you don't need to buy a whole new alignment tool when your needs grow.

TS-Aligner Jr. Lite is the abbreviated version of the premiere alignment tool designed specifically for needs of the home shop woodworker. No other home shop alignment tool offers this much for so little. Nobody can beat the features, quality, and accuracy that you get with TS-Aligner Jr. Lite at this remarkably low price!

Need to see more? Download a full color PDF version of the TS-Aligner Jr. Lite User's Guide so that you can learn every detail of how TS-Aligner Jr. Lite works. If you don't already have it, go to the Adobe Inc. web site to download the latest Acrobat Reader.

Advanced Features

TS-Aligner Jr. Lite isn't just a dial indicator on a fancy stick. We've included features that let you take full advantage of the accuracy of the dial indicator.

  • The EXCLUSIVE Stylus Offset Bar allows measurements very close to the table surface. This gives you the ability to measure across the entire width of the blade for excellent alignment accuracy. It also lets you easily measure the edge of squares and angle blocks when adjusting a miter gauge or sliding table.
  • The EXCLUSIVE Angle Attachment Gage which applies the full accuracy of the dial indicator to the task of measuring angles

Exacting Specifications

Broad Application

  • Table saw: Virtually all adjustments including:
    • Blade heel (alignment to the miter slots)
    • Fence alignment (to the miter slots)
    • Fence squareness
    • Miter gauge squareness and angles
    • Blade squareness and tilt angles
    • Sliding table alignment
    • Splitter alignment
  • Band saw:
    • Table squareness
    • Table angles
    • Fence alignment
  • Jointer:
    • Fence squareness/angles
  • Shaper/Router table
    • Fence offset
    • Fence Alignment
  • Radial Arm Saw. Virtually all adjustments.
  • Stationary Disc-Belt sander
    • Table squareness and angles
  • Miter Saw
    • Blade squareness and angles
    • Fence squareness and angles

Including any other machine requiring precision adjustment that includes a table surface with enough room for TS-Aligner Jr. Lite.

TS-Aligner Jr. Lite can also be used as a diagnostic tool (measure runout, warp, flatness, play, etc.) on virtually all machines.

Ease of Use

TS-Aligner Jr. Lite comes complete with a 37 page manual full of illustrations and photos and your choice of DVD or VHS video.

Most Frequently Ordered Accessories

45 Degree Angle Block - Used to check calibration of the Angle Attachment Gage. It also makes 45 degree blade tilt and miter settings much easier and more accurate.

6.5" Precision Indicating Square - Made for use with dial indicators, this special square is ideal for squaring up the miter gauge.

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