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TS-Aligner is the premiere alignment tool designed specifically for industrial and serious amateur woodworking. There is nothing else available at any price that even comes close to it's capabilities and accuracy.

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Download a PDF version of the Poor Man's Angle Set Manual.
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Advanced Features

  • The EXCLUSIVE Stylus Offset Bar allows measurements very close to the table surface. This gives you the ability to measure across the entire width of the blade for excellent alignment accuracy. It also lets you easily measure the edge of squares and angle blocks when adjusting a miter gauge or sliding table.

  • The EXCLUSIVE three bearing miter slot guidance system gives you a precise, play free fit in any miter slot regardless of size. No bar, no matter how well made, can provide the same smooth and accurate motion needed when making measurements with a dial indicator.

  • The EXCLUSIVE three point footing provides accurate stability with no rocking or wobbling. It provides for easy and accurate gliding motion across the table surface.

  • Precise vertical motion of the dial indicator is facilitated by a custom made acetal linear bearing and precision ground stainless steel rods.

Exacting Specifications

  • Precision industrial quality dial indicator designed for the rigors of professional use and reliability. Not "Made in China".

  • Vertical travel of the dial indicator is square to less than +/-0.001" over it's entire range (almost 4 inches).

  • Angle measurement accuracy can be within one minute of arc (1/60 degree) with angle blocks. Better than 1/10 degree without angle blocks.

Broad Application

  • Table saw: Virtually all adjustments including:

    • Blade heel (alignment to the miter slots)

    • Fence alignment (to the miter slots)

    • Fence squareness

    • Miter gauge squareness and angles

    • Blade squareness and tilt angles

    • Blade height

    • Level of insert

    • Level of extension wings and tables

    • Sliding table alignment

    • Splitter alignment

  • Band saw:

    • Table squareness

    • Table angles

    • Fence alignment

  • Jointer:

    • Fence squareness/angles

    • Knife/cutterhead alignment

    • Outfeed table adjustment

    • Infeed table adjustment

  • Shaper/Router table

    • Cutter height

    • Fence offset

    • Fence Alignment

  • Drill Press

    • Square spindle to the table

  • Radial Arm Saw. Virtually all adjustments.

  • Stationary Disc-Belt sander

    • - Table squareness

Including any other machine requiring precision adjustment that incorporates a table surface large enough for TS-Aligner

TS-Aligner can also be used as:

  • A squareness standard (check the accuracy of squares)

  • A diagnostic tool (measure runout, warp, flatness, play, etc.) on virtually all machines.

Ease of Use

TS-Aligner comes complete with a 28 page manual full of illustrations and photos and an instructional video.

Most Frequently Ordered Accessories

Micro-Tangent Angle Set- Used for making very precise angle adjustments to blade tilt and miter settings. This precision ground steel angle block set is invaluable for those who need accurate angle settings.

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