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NEW! Video Library Online version of the TS-Aligner Jr. Video. 
TS-Aligner Comparison Guide Detailed comparisons between TS-Aligner products and competitive alignment products.
NEW! Myths and folklore in machinery alignment

(a work in progress)

There are a lot of ideas which people have about machine alignment which just don't survive Metrological scrutiny.  Some are so popular that you see them coming up in books and magazines all the time.  You can also find them in the manuals of several competitive alignment products and even some popular machines.  Here's a few of the most common myths that I encounter on nearly a daily basis
TS-Aligner Frequently Asked Questions The substance of a message I posted to rec.woodworking on Mar 28 1995 to help answer questions from group members.
TS-Aligner Accuracy Detailed statistical analysis of the angle measurement capabilities of TS-Aligner.
TS-Aligner Jr. Accuracy Detailed experimental analysis of the angle measurement capabilities of TS-Aligner Jr.
How the Angle Attachment Gage Works An explanation of how a dial indicator can be used to measure angles.
Calibrating your TS-Aligner Jr. I wrote this detailed guide after helping hundreds of people over the phone.  I've tried to anticipate details that are commonly overlooked or ignored and emphasize the importance of various steps that lead to quick and easy success.
NEW! Dial indicator buying guide Get a close look at all the optional dial indicators available with TS-Aligner products.
Using the MTB Angle Set How to get the most from the Micro-Tangent Bar.
Precision Square Classification Guide How squares are classified for accuracy.
Dial Indicator Primer Learn how this simple and accurate instrument works.
Stability of Materials Thermal stability of common materials
External Influences on the Accuracy of Results What can go wrong even after you have carefully aligned your machine.
Getting the most out of Trial and Error If you just can't bring yourself to using precision instruments like the TS-Aligner products, then this article is for you.
How TS-Aligner Products are Manufactured Get a brief look at how I make TS-Aligner products.
Woodshop News: "Give an old table saw new life with a good tune-up" This great article by Tom Clark of Woodshop News shows how to give a contractor style table saw a complete overhaul.
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