Many people don't consider the radial arm saw to be a very accurate machine. In reality, many radial arm saws can do very precise work when they are properly aligned and adjusted.

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The problem involves proper alignment and adjustment. It's important that each step be done in it's proper sequence. And, since the accuracy of one step affects that of the next, it's important to make sure that each step is done correctly.

Imagine putting the full precision of TS-Aligner or TS-Aligner Jr. to the task of aligning a radial arm saw!

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Advanced Features

  • RS-Aligner is designed as a giant "T" square. It's milled from solid 6061-T6 aluminum tooling plate.
  • The cross piece is designed as a giant 12" sine bar. Angles are set very precisely using gauge blocks.
  • A bracket is included for attaching the dial indicator to the arbor.

Ease of Use

RS-Aligner comes with a complete manual full of illustrations and photos. It details each step of radial arm saw alignment, in it's proper sequence. There's no better solution for getting the most out of this very versatile machine.


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