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TS-Aligner Jr. setting jointer knives TS-Aligner Jr. squaring up drill press spindle
TS-Aligner Jr. setting blade tilt TS-Aligner setting jointer knives
TS-Aligner measuring blade alignment TS-Aligner measuring blade tilt
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Precision solutions for woodworkers

  • Table Saw Alignment
  • Jointer Knife Alignment

  • Band Saw Alignment

  • Shaper Alignment

  • Drill Press Alignment

  • Radial Arm Saw Alignment

  • Miter Saw Alignment

Solving Classic Problems:
Photo of octagon with gap from inaccurate miter cuts   Photo of tennon with uneven shoulder cuts   Photo of board with burned edge from blade/fence misalignment
Miter Angle Error Uneven Shoulder Cuts Burned Edges

These are just a few of the many very common problems that are solved with my TS-Aligner products.

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