What do TS-Aligner Owners Make?

This section of the web site  is devoted to displaying the high quality precision woodworking that TS-Aligner owners do.

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Home shop machinery alignment

TS-Aligner Jr.

Low Cost Home Shop Alignment

TS-Aligner Jr. Lite

Radial arm saw alignment




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Are you a serious amateur woodworker looking for some recognition?  Are you a professional that would like to obtain some notoriety and free publicity?  Please feel free to submit photos of your work and a description of your shop or business for a spot in the Gallery.  I will create a full web page on my web site devoted to displaying your craftsmanship absolutely free of charge.  Professional or high quality photography is preferred.  Sorry, space on this site will be reserved for customers of the Edward J. Bennett Company.  Apply here.

Steve Bernstein

Segmented Wooden Bowls

Enter Steve's Gallery

Brian Grella

Stickley inspired walnut furniture

Enter Brian's Gallery

Phil Bumbalough

Selected Projects

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Jack Loganbill

Jewelry Box and Armoire

Jim Becker

Various Projects

Don Barton

Commissioned Jewelry Box

David Yoho

Abridged Works



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