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In order to produce clean, accurate, burn free rip cuts, your fence and blade must be aligned very precisely.

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Accurate Alignment Makes a Difference

In the example above, there is a very small amount of misalignment between the blade and the fence. It's only eight thousandths of an inch (0.008"). In order to eliminate the burned edge with this particular blade (a Forrest Woodworker II) the alignment will need to be within 0.005" or less. Trouble keeping the work up against the fence is another classic symptom of misalignment. Achieving the required level of accuracy using traditional methods is possible but very time consuming. It requires considerable skill and patience. With any of the TS-Aligner products, the process is very quick and easy. Accurate blade alignment is absolutely vital for precise rip and cross cuts.

Last revised: January 21, 2006.
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