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New Blog devoted to Table Saw Alignment

Visit my NEW table saw alignment blog!  This "members only" web site is jam packed with articles and discussion on every aspect of table saw alignment and setup.  No SPAM, no banners, no pop-ups, and no hover ads.  Just the best no-nonsense table saw web site on the planet!  Anyone with an honest interest in getting the most from their table saw is welcome to join.  Web sites for other woodworking machines are coming soon.

TS-Aligner FREE Video Offer!

Need more information? This instructional video
contains all the information you need to make the
right purchase decision. Included are detailed
instructions and demonstrations of TS-Aligner
Jr. and the Industrial TS-Aligner in action.
A very
high quality professional production, this video
is both informative and educational - not just a
bunch of marketing fluff. It's worth having even
if you never intend to buy a TS-Aligner.

You will receive an email to verify your info
and confirm your request.  You must confirm by
following a link to receive your free DVD.


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Trade up from a MasterGage Pro to the Industrial TS-Aligner!

Feeling some buyer's remorse? This might be your chance to turn it around!  I'm looking for one person who is interested in trading their used but "well cared for" MasterGage Pro (the one with the protractor) and accessories for a brand new Industrial TS-Aligner with accessories and options of your choice (for equivalent list price value, MGP list price: $459 + accessories).  The MasterGage Pro will be used for market research and my on-line review.  Send me an email message if you are interested.  Don't delay, I only need one of these!

Business opportunity

Sell TS-Aligner products and make money!  I'm looking for individuals who are interested in making some extra money in their spare time.  No experience needed.  No investment required.  No inventory.  No quotas.  No kidding!  You place the orders and I'll handle everything else.    Send me an email message if you are interested.

TS-Aligner Jr. on TV!

See TS-Aligner Jr. on the DIY Network's "Tools and Techniques" show. 

"How do you know if you have the right tool for the job? On DIY Tools & Techniques, DIY illustrates how to choose and use all the tools in your workshop. Host David Thiel calls upon his extensive knowledge as the Senior Editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine to give all the tips and tricks of the trade, as well as demonstrate step-by-step how to use and maintain workshop tools such as the router and table saw, as well as some not-so-common tools. DIY Tools & Techniques gives you the information needed to get the job done right -- with the right tool!"

Weekdays 6:00pm Eastern Time on the DIY Network
(check your local cable and satellite listings for channels and show times)

 DIT-203 Shaper Techniques and Cool Tools

 DIT-216 Table Saw / Conventional Tools, Unconventional Use

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