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These accessories work with both TS-Aligner and TS-Aligner Jr. (both Deluxe and Lite) to enhance their functionality and accuracy.

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Micro-Tangent Angle Set

This set consists of five fixed blocks (5, 10, 20, 30, and 45) precision ground from " hardened tool steel. These are made in my own shop here in Idaho. The sixth item is called the "Micrometric Tangent Bar" (MTB) by Rover Industries, Inc. It is adjustable from 0 to 5 degrees in one minute (1/60 degree) increments. By combining my angle blocks with the MTB, virtually any angle can be set with astounding speed and accuracy.

The complete set includes a custom fitted case machined from solid high density polyethylene. This is no cheap plastic case. It protects the angle blocks far better than the typical injection molded or wooden box.

Each angle block is cut from oil hardening tool steel which is heat treated to a hardness of 55-60 Rc. The heat treating process creates a blue/black oxide finish on the steel. This is retained to help prevent rust and corrosion. The gaging edges are then precision ground to amazing tolerances. All angle blocks are guaranteed accurate to within 0.0001" per inch. Most come out with less than 0.0001" total error! I use a Starrett Webber AG16.LM angle set (considered by many to be the finest, most accurate commercially available) and a Southern Gage Co. Universal Dia-Lectron Amplifier model 90025 with a Brown & Sharpe 599-988 10p angle gage head to ensure that every angle block is accurate.

My angle blocks (right) are very different from the standard low cost import angle blocks (left). First, you'll notice that they are quite a bit larger. The gaging edges on our 45 degree angle block are aprox. 4" x 4" x 6". Typically, the 45 degree block on an import set measures aprox. 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5. Second, our blocks are deep hardened from tool steel. Many import sets are case hardened from low carbon steel. Finally, my angle blocks are guaranteed to be accurate. Measurements of two different import sets revealed considerable discrepancies from their stated specifications.

Micro-Tangent Bar

Part of the Complete Angle Set, the Micro-Tangent Bar is also available separately. It adjusts from 0 to 5 degrees in one minute (1/60 degree) increments.

Turning Wedges

These angle wedges facilitate setting the precise angles needed for cutting the pieces of segmented turnings. They are almost 10 inches long and designed to be used with the 8.5" Precision Square. Made from hardened tool steel with a natural oxide finish. Same accuracy as the EJB angle blocks.

Import Regrind Angle Block Set

I have been looking a long time for a good low cost angle set alternative for my customers.  Unfortunately, the popular import sets generally don't live up to their own specifications.  I decided that I could create such a set if I were willing to invest some of my own time and expertise.  This is your common every-day 12 piece set (1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 degrees) of 3" hardened steel angle blocks in a foam lined wooden case.  There's just one major difference: I have inspected every single block for accuracy.  I regrind any blocks which do not pass specifications (0.0001" per inch).  It happens a lot more than you would think, some blocks being off by several thousandths!  With the reduced cost in materials, labor, and energy, I can offer this set at a substantial savings over my regular 4" angle block set and still sleep soundly at night!

Each block is marked with my initials and the word "Regrind" to indicate that I have certified its accuracy (and to make sure it isn't confused with any other low cost angle blocks).  If you can't afford my regular 4" angle blocks then this is a great alternative that you can trust!  Sorry, these will be sold only in complete sets.



If you have a radial arm saw, then this accessory is a must! RS-Aligner is made from 3/4" thick blue anodized 6061-T6 aluminum tooling plate. It provides the references needed to align your radial arm saw very quickly and very accurately. Included is a bracket that allows you to mount a dial indicator on the saw arbor. Full details on this accessory can be found on the RS-Aligner home page. Obtain accuracy in your radial arm saw that you never dreamed was possible. (TS-Aligner or TS-Aligner Jr. required, not included)

RS-Aligner Angle Gage Blocks

These gage blocks are used with RS-Aligner to set precise arm angles. RS-Aligner acts as a giant 12" sine bar. So, the length of the gage block for any given angle is easily calculated as 12*sin(angle). I make these gage blocks from solid 6061 aluminum tooling plate. Each one is precisely machined and checked to within 0.001" in length. They are available in lengths for , , 1, 5, 10, 20, 22 , 30, and 45. Custom lengths available upon request.

Precision Indicating Squares

Precision Indicating Squares

These squares are a bit different from most others you'll find. They are each made from a single piece of solid, hardened tool steel that's at least 1/4" thick. All edges are ground and lapped to meet accuracy Class 2 specifications (0.0008" + 0.0001" per inch of length). They are designed specifically for use with dial indicators. Their thickness makes it easy to run the indicator's stylus along their edge. They will stand up or lay flat on the table, making them ideal for use with TS-Aligner or TS-Aligner Jr.

Every square is checked for accuracy using a SquareMaster VSQ-18 calibrated with a Mojave 18" Lab Grade granite square.

Long Reach Gage for the Industrial TS-Aligner

Primarily used as a diagnostic tool for the machinery technician.  Provides access to distant objects inside machinery or across tables.  Includes a test indicator with a resolution of 0.001"/div and a range of 0.016".  Also included is an extended mounting rod, a mounting clamp, and a User Guide.

SawStop Upgrade Kit for TS-Aligner Jr.

Upgrades a TS-Aligner Jr. so that it can perform the blade elevation alignment procedure as outlined in the SawStop Owner's manual.  Includes a Starrett No. 671 Universal Attachment, mounting hardware, and instructions.  Can also be useful in any alignment task where a test indicator is called for.

Test Indicator and Magnetic Base

Primarily used as a diagnostic tool for the machinery technician.  Considerable expertise is required to take advantage of it's broad versatility and high precision.  Test indicator features a jeweled movement and is available in white or black face (specify when ordering).  Graduation: 0.0005"/div.  Range: +/-0.030".  Ball stylus.  Dovetail mounting on the front, top, and back.  Two mounting posts included: 0.157" (4mm) and 0.375" (9.5mm).  Magnetic base features fine adjustment knob, dual articulation arm, and combination dovetail and 0.250" rod clamp.  Included 3.5" long extension arm. Imported.

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